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taurus pt92 cocked and locked - Charming Eyed Goldie Lock Penetrated Anally

Apr 30,  · The main reason I've settled upon the BHP and PT92 is the cocked and locked feature. Right now I'm leaning toward the taurus, but if I can find a good deal on a BHP I can be swayed. I consider the PT92 an SA pistol with the option for a DA trigger. The ability to carry in either fashion is a big plus. Sep 25,  · If you'd felt the single action on my Taurus, carried cocked and locked just like my 92, you might say something different. , PM #7: OmegaMan. Join Date: Aug Posts: taurus pt92 trigger job, taurus pt92 trigger kit, taurus pt92 trigger upgrade. Click on a term to search for related topics.

Feb 02,  · If I remember correctly, this pistol has a frame-mounted, three-position safety lever. If the pistol's chamber is loaded, its hammer is cocked, and its safety lever is in its upmost position, it is safe to carry "cocked and locked.". Apr 10,  · If you filed it down, then engaged the safety, the firing pin would turn away from the hammer the handgun wouldn't be cocked and locked, it would be cocked with the safety on. The 92FS has a half-kawk to prevent the hammer from falling completely forward and discharging the firearm it is recommended you not carry that way.

Oct 22,  · The PT92 is ready for cocked-and-locked carry. Taurus has equipped the pistol with an ambidextrous, frame-mounted safety that, when pressed all the way down, safely decocks the hammer. Taurus first began producing firearms in The Taurus PT92’s twin locking lugs engage recesses in the slide that are visible from the top of the pistol. Taurus intended from the beginning to make the .

Feb 05,  · The only pistol that is safe for "Cocked-and-Locked" is the Colt The PT92 is a DA/SA and doesn't need to be carried with the hammer back. If you try, you may wind up less endowed and missing one of your "boys". You want to carry "Cocked-and-Locked", buy a Mar 01,  · So, we've got cocked and locked, hammer down and safety on (DA first shot) or simply hammer down and safety off for that DA first shot. Variety is the spice of life and the PT92 offers plenty of variety.

Frankly, with the grip modification you thought of, I wouldn't have a problem carrying a PT92 cocked and locked every day. I'd just give it more TLC than my Glock. I know this was a bit wordy but I hope it wasn't too unclear. If anything was, please point it out.