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spotting sore breasts and cramping - Nasty babe squizing her huge breasts and fingering

Jul 15,  · Sore boobs are a common early sign of pregnancy, but they can also be a sign that your period is imminent. If you think you may be pregnant, the best thing to do is pick up a home pregnancy test. Jan 19,  · If an egg has been fertilized, the body prepares the uterus lining to receive and protect the egg. Some light bleeding or spotting may accompany implantation cramping. This is called implantation Author: Lana Burgess.

Nov 07,  · Your symptoms could indicate that you are pregnant, but they also could be indicative of other things. I’d recommend taking another pregnancy test this Saturday and, if that one was negative, taking another one the following Saturday. Hannah. Sep 04,  · You may have spotting or bleeding if you are pregnant or suffering from PMS. When the embryo inserts itself into the uterus (implantation bleeding), you may mistake it as your menstrual period. However, implantation bleeding is much lighter (not enough to soak a pad or tampon) than the heaving bleeding experienced at the beginning of your period.

Feb 15,  · My breasts have been hurting for 5 days now, (More than the norm period pain) and today after a BM I wiped some pinky blood, and then again 40 mins later, another BM, and got some brown spotting. I keep checking, a few hours later and the brown is still there when I check in my vagina. Jun 17,  · In about two or three days following my sore breast returned and so did the constant bloat and on and off nausea. To date the symptoms seem to come and go. Some days I experience this dull cramping like my period is about to start and it never does.

Jan 09,  · Breast tenderness is when your breasts feel painful or tender to the touch. Breast swelling or changes in the breast’s consistency may accompany the condition. The pain can be mild or so severe Author: Rachel Nall, MSN, CRNA.