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petroleium jelly and condoms - BBW Jelli Bean Gets Her Hairy Pussy Fucked

Oil eats away at rubber, so oil-based lubes can cause condoms to break. Also, because oils don't dissolve with water, they tend to stick around longer if you put them in orifices like the anus or vagina. Learn more. May 27,  · What is petroleum jelly? It’s a semi-solid skin protectant that is applied topically to help treat dry, cracked skin or lips. Petroleum jelly uses include helping to treat and prevent dryness, cracked heels, diaper rash, psoriasis, blisters, lice, hemorrhoids and more. Is petroleum jelly safe? Yes, as long as you aren’t allergic to Time: 10 mins.

Jul 17,  · Soon, rubber condoms are mass produced. Unlike modern condoms -- made to be used once and thrown away -- early condoms were washed, anointed with petroleum jelly, and put away in special wooden boxes for later reuse. British playwright and essayist George Bernard Shaw called the rubber condom the "greatest invention of the nineteenth century.". Dec 20,  · Petroleum jelly has a variety of uses, including for diaper rash, as a moisturizer, to treat skin conditions such as eczema, and as a lubricant. Learn more about the benefits of petroleum jelly .

Apr 28,  · Also, when petroleum jelly is used with condoms, it eats away at the rubber (latex), decreasing the effectiveness of condoms. (Instead, use petroleum jelly to moisturize very dry skin.). Petroleum jelly hit the market almost years ago. It’s still a favorite of dermatologists. It can help you in ways you may not know about.

Jan 27,  · Sexual assailants prefer lubricated condoms, probably for the same reason that they use petroleum jelly, that is, to facilitate their crimes. 2 Many condom brands contain a liquid lubricant, which may be classified as either “wet” or “dry.” Both types of condom lubricant have an oil-like consistency, but wet lubricants are water-based. Oct 30,  · Vaseline is made of % re f ined petroleum jelly which is one of the products of the oil industry. And firstly, oils break down condom. And firstly, oils break down condom.

Petroleum jelly weakens latex condoms; It’s advisable to use condoms once in while when having sex to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases. Petroleum jelly damages latex condoms. Therefore, when you use petroleum jelly and a latex condom together when making love, there are high chances of condom rapture. I think so. NOT with condoms - vaseline eats latex [weakens it rapidly, and then causes it to fall apart.] It is very fashionable to decry the use of all petroleum products - they are widely described as unsafe. Personally I've never se.