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The Dick and Jane program, edited by William Scott Gray of the University of Chicago, was published in by Scott Foresman, and Arthur Gates' program was published by Macmillan. Gates taught at Teachers College, Columbia University. By these whole-word programs were in virtually every primary classroom in America. Dick and Jane Readers. For nearly 40 years, from through about , more than 85 million American schoolchildren learned to read using the Dick and Jane readers that were part of a series published by the Scott Foresman Company. The books took their name from the series' lead characters who, with a dog named Spot and a kitten named Puff, inhabited a nostalgic, .

This is a reprint of the original Dick and Jane book published in as one of the Elson-Gray Readers. This book was published by William H. Elson () and William S. Gray (). It was a revised version of the series of Elson Readers that were being published by First Dick and Jane book, the Elson Basic reader, via Tiny Town Books & Toys. Set of 11 vintage Dick and Jane readers from the s and set of 13 readers from the s, via Wahoos House. The Judy, John And Jean New Cathedral Basic Reader, via Keller Books. Set of 13 books from s, via Wahoos House.

It was during this time ('s) that Dick and Jane readers were first published. The method of these books was primarily geared toward the memorization of sight words, in a whole language fashion, with short sentences including rhyme and repetition. The true vintage original Dick and Jane series of readers, teaching materials, educational resources, student and teacher books, salesman samples, and more from the 's, 's, 's, and 's. Here you will find the history, facts, information, resources, books and items for sale, of the vintage original Dick and Jane Series.