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Oct 25,  · I advised the dentist I was possibly pregnant (to early to test but currently trying to conceive) I was not keen with the antibiotics and due to other reasons decided to get the tooth extracted. the following days I was still experiencing pain, I returned to the dentist today and she advised me I had a dry socket and possibly the infection was. Nov 21,  · There's an old wives' tale about hanging a need on thread above a pregnant woman's belly and depending on the swing it will predict the unborn child's gender. Does this have the same principal as using a pendulum? Apr Location: an alternate reality. Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (c) Spiritual Forums.

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Mar 20,  · Also, I don't push myself much now that I'm pregnant. So I probably won't be swimming more than minutes at a time, and even less than that if I feel cold or tired. One of my friends did 21 Alcatraz crossings while she was pregnant and the water NEVER even got above and, yes, the baby is normal in all respects. Berkeley Electronic Press Selected Works.

Jul 01,  · I did TB skin test when I was pregnant, it came positive however the doctor waived xray as I was pregnant.I later got RFE for xray, and we subimitted the xray. The tbtest did not affect my baby. My baby is now araound 3 years old and she recently had a TB skin test for pre school admission, her TB test came negative. Jan 12,  · Problems Post Root Canal while Pregnant I recently had a root canal about six weeks ago now. In some ways, I'm not entirely sure I needed the root canal because the pulp wasn't infected and I only had a cavity which they deemed as "deep".