How to use female condom - how to insert female condom


how to insert female condom - How to use female condom

Although the female condom is already lubricated, adding more lubricant can make it easier to insert. Step 2- Inserting the condom (part 1) Use your thumb and index finger (your pointing finger) to squeeze the sides of the inner ring together. The condom may be slippery, so make sure you get a firm grip on it before proceeding. During sex, male condoms are worn on the penis to prevent semen sperm entering the woman's vagina when the man ejaculates comes. Make sure that the condom stays in place while you're having sex. Wrap the used condom in a tissue and put it in the bin.

How To Insert and Remove a Female Condom Carefully open and remove female condom from package to prevent tearing. The thick, inner ring with closed end is used for placing in the vagina and holds condom in place. The thin, outer ring remains . Condom is not only the way to prevent unexpected pregnancy but also many dangerous diseases. For women, this is a video for you, a video about female condom.

Jun 03,  · When you are ready to insert the female condom, you will need to find a comfortable position that works for you. Try squatting down, lying down, or placing one foot on a chair while standing. Using your thumb and forefinger, squeeze the sides of . Today we show you how to insert a female condom! Inserting a female condom is So Easy a Guy Could Do It!SUBSCRIBE: http://ww.

21 rows · Female condoms (Femidom) are made from soft thin plastic pouch called .