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Anyway, Christian Domestic Discipline is a resource I would share with you ladies to bring home to your Godly husbands, and for you husbands to bring home to your dear, humble wives. I would encourage you to show it to your male offspring so they can be prepared for the duties ahead of them as the head of the household as per God's glorious plan. We rarely use the bedroom for discipline involving spanking, but will on occasion. The children’s rooms are not too close, and our house is well-built and insulated. It was late, so it was a certainty that they were sleeping soundly.

Wife spanking is often referred to as Christian Domestic Discipline, as if to make it more politically correct. As far as I’m concerned, it should be called assault and reported to authorities immediately. The article was popular with over comments. Spanking has no place in adult to adult relationships. It's only function is to reinforce a social hierarchy. Wives are partners, not slaves. In Christianity, the husband is head of the family as Christ is the head of the church.

In the past, Jesus People USA practiced the disciplinary spanking of adult females - an unbiblical practice. That said, there is a 'movement' among, for the most part, people who identify themselves as ' fundamentalist Christians,' that advocates so-called 'Christian Domestic Discipline' (CDD). One of the most common consequences – and most controversial – is spanking. Spankings are a common consequence in Christian Domestic Discipline marriages because they work! Spankings are intense enough to serve as a major deterrent, yet cause no lasting damage.

In order to overcome that strange feeling of spanking his wife as a method of discipline, Robert had to abandon the false adult/child paradigm that our humanist culture teaches us and instead embrace the historic and Biblical societal classes of men, women and children. Spanking, spanking stories, spanking articles, erotic discipline and female submission Really like this tradition, if it had been followed I would not have to introduce adult spanking to my wife. Reply. 11 markiee on March 18, said: 14 Lars Christian Steenberg on August 2, .

While impossible in a Christian household due to presence of Christian Love and Grace, it does happen among satanists/pagans, including those of false Christian variety. So for the sake of satanists, including false Christians, that may be reading this, let me clarify unequivocally, that the word “spanking” does not refer to anything abusive or to any kind of wife beating.