I will arrest you and detain you in the bedroom - can i be arrested for cybersex


can i be arrested for cybersex - I will arrest you and detain you in the bedroom

Jul 01,  · For instance, California Penal Code determines that anyone under 17 years of age is considered a minor and engaging in cybersex with this person is a crime. The law enforcement officers as well as the FBI agents often pose as minors on popular sex chats and apprehend all the adults, who intend to have sex with the minor individuals. Aug 12,  · This is a pretty common scam--someone who poses as at least 18 years old later claims they were underage, and then their "father" demands money to pay for therapy, phone shutoff, etc. otherwise he'll go to the police. As long as you have some proof they represented themselves to be at least 18 years old, you should be OK.

Jan 18,  · If you’re charged with a cybersex crime, your social media accounts and emails will be closely scrutinized. Your computer will be comprehensively searched. Prosecutors in the state of Washington can be quite aggressive in cases that involve sex, minors, and the internet. If you are charged with any of these crimes, you must take the first step in your own defense. Cybersex crimes often require proof to hold the person to the accusations. This exists through the computer or computing device used to perform the cybersex crimes. An expert hired by the prosecution will normally examine the relevant machine and determine if the activity did occur and if there was intent behind the actions of the thumbed.xyz: thumbed.xyz