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All applicants for this licence type should first consult with the province about eligibility for this designation and register their business, prior to applying for a municipal business licence. Contact Service Alberta at (or toll free in Alberta only at . Nov 12,  · It came as a shock to many when three ties during the recent municipal elections in two Alberta towns were decided with a draw from a, the long respected principles of democracy as part of.

Condominium bylaws govern how the condominium corporation is run. They address matters such as the election and practices of the board of directors, the collection of contributions, and how rules are supplement the bylaws. The rules focus on the day-to-day concerns of condo living to help make sure it is a pleasant place to live or work. Supreme Court of Canada on the Court of Appeal for Ontario’s decision. The hearing is set for early minimal distance restrictions from institutions such as schools and places of In the review of Toronto’s adult entertainment bylaws and administrative processes gaps were identified. Interviews with a planner and a sex worker.

Statutes are laws made by Parliament or the Legislature and are also known as Acts. They may create a new law or modify an existing one. Regulations are the rules that address the details and practical applications of the law. The authority to make regulations related to an Act is assigned within that Act. Just like statutes, regulations have the full force of law. May 15,  · An Alberta court decision points out that anti-nudity laws arose out of Parliament’s displeasure with such protests in Western Canada. WATCH: Florida nudists divide neighbourhood (Nov. ) 1.

Winnipeg's zoning bylaws could further limit where people can find adult entertainment, CBC News has learned. The current bylaw, which came into force in . Oct 15,  · The Adult Entertainment Association of Canada invited exotic dancer Viviana to perform a three-minute, clothed pole dance at a meeting of .

Basic Principles of Bylaws Alberta Municipal Affairs © Government of Alberta ISBN (PDF) The contents of this publication are intended to provide general information. Readers should not rely on the contents herein to the exclusion of independent legal advice. All publications of thisFile Size: KB. Signed Bylaw. Users will require, at a minimum, to find a signed bylaw on an agenda or meeting: the date and meeting at which the bylaw was passed (such as, December 5, , City Council meeting). Having the bylaw number and/or title will make it easier for the user to find the agenda item to which the signed bylaw is linked.