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Adult only item - Requires verification. $ Listed: Feb Adult only item - Requires verification. $ Listed: Feb Adult only item - Requires verification. $ Listed: Feb Page 1 of 5. TRAY OF ADULT MAGAZINES - Big Valley Auction. Did you win this item? A full invoice should be emailed to the winner by the auctioneer within a day or two.

Mac Tools Motorsports Adult Collectable Scale Pontiac Funny Car - Don Prudhomme Lot # Item: 8e Nicollet, MN. Never, under any circumstances, return gold, item, etc. to the delivery character if ever asked. In the event the seller asks you to, please take A screenshot and report this to PlayerAuctions Customer Support. Option 2: In-game Mailbox delivery. Some sellers will select the option to deliver gold or items directly to an in-game mailbox.

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About 73% of affluent adults (the charity auction demographic) put away money for leisure travel each year. That being the case, travel-related items are widely popular, surefire sellers that can bring in big bucks to your organization! And what better travel-related item to offer at your auction than an actual opportunity to travel? May 20,  · The Latest (Most Awesome) Auction Item Ideas Get started early when putting your procurement target list together and think outside of the box for auction item ideas. The list below will give you a starting point for your brainstorming: Travel – Tie a travel package to a popular film, book, current event, or even the theme of your event. For example, a “Wild” movie travel package could.

Auction items are arguably the most important element of any live, silent, or online auction. They’re the main attraction of the event, after all! The right selection of charity auction items can generate a lot of attention and bids — which translates to a substantial return on all of the time and hard work you put into planning your event. Get the Full Auction Item Ideas eBook. Now that you found 5 innovative auction game ideas, don’t miss this auction game ideabook featuring 26 of the most successful auction game ideas for your next event. With a little imagination and some ingenuity, you can come up with auction games that will get your guests laughing in friendly competition.