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“All three of them are nursing mothers,” he is told. According to Bonyu Bar’s menu, a cup of freshly squeezed milk is 2, yen. And if you need to take nourishment straight from the source, it’s 5, yen for that tipple. Er, maybe that should read 5, yen per nipple. "I was an unseasoned single mom I was curious I wanted to know what it felt like to have a man drink my milk." -From a piece in which a new mother breast-feeds her date.

Bountiful Fruits is a welcoming and non-judgmental place where others may come to learn more about the loving Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR) I share with my husband. Although our personal ANR is based upon our spiritual and religious beliefs, everyone is welcome. Please extend common courtesy and respect to others. Comments are always welcome, and questions are encouraged, as curiosity is a. Dreams of Milk is a community devoted to couples and singles alike that wish to experience the benefits of one of the most rewarding and intimate lifestyles you will ever experience — the world of Adult Nursing Relationships (ANR) / Adult Breastfeeding Relationships (ABR).

Additionally, anyone who has been breastfeeding her hubby for 10 years or longer with full supply? Sent from my SM-AF using Tapatalk Post May 21, #5 T Some of our content may be considered "adult" and our members must be at least 18 years old. Membership is open primarily* to women in ANRs (adult nursing relationships) or involved with ABF (adult breast feeding) and long term partners of members. Membership will granted after introductions are made and some greetings exchanged.

I am looking into breast milk donation. I have quite a supply and would love to donate my milk. I came across a site that you could offer your pumped milk or wet nursing services. Under one person's ad she had in bold letters "no adult wet nursing, no offering for baby?"Have I been living. Health benefits: There are many health benefits associated with breast milk is even used as a medical treatment for certain conditions. Breastfeeding could potentially boost your partner's immune system as well as provide some nutritional value. Fulfilling a fantasy: Your partner may be turned on by your lactating breasts, or they may have a sexual fantasy that involves breastfeeding.

A few points about inducing lactation and adult breastfeeding. After 10 years of an adult breastfeeding relationship I still enjoy it and so does my husband, it is an amazing experience that brings us closer together. I will admit though that I feel like a cow sometimes, literally lol. If you have questions or comments, please leave them below! If her breast is stubborn about releasing any milk, then nurse the breast for a total of 3 to 5 minutes, if no milk flows, then stop. If a stubborn breast begins to release milk, then keep nursing this breast until it JUST stops, then stop. If a breast that is giving milk suddenly stops while nursing, then stop also.