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Pharmacologic treatment alone should not be relied upon for treatment of chronic pain, but rather used as an adjunct to patient engagement and other modalities. Pharmacologic treatments should be initiated to increase function and restore a patient’s overall quality of life, not just pain relief. Medications are not the focus of treatment in managing pain. Indications: Lateral low back or upper gluteal pain. The sacroiliac joint is a widely recognized source of low back and buttock pain but may also include lower extremity pain. Diagnostic blocks using local anesthetic can confirm this structure as a source of low back and leg pain.

Adult patients age 18 and over in primary care who have symptoms of low back pain or radiculopathy. The focus is on the acute (pain for up to 7 weeks) and subacute (pain for between 7 and 12 weeks) phases of low back pain. equina, conservative treatment for low back pain, diagnostic imaging and low back pain, active rehabilita-tion, diagnostic imaging for radiculopathy and surgical treatment from January File Size: 2MB.

Guidelines | ICSI. Mar 08,  · Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement. 5. Recommendations Table. The following table is a list of evidence-based recommendations for adult acute and subacute low back pain.