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Oct 19,  · Accounts differ as to the state of adult literacy education in China. One scholar says that programs are contracting severely, whereas Chinese officials contend that programs are operating with more students and more efficiency. A true picture of literacy education in China depends on research and statistics that are being gathered. The overall tone of this emerging picture is by: 2. Dec 07,  · In comparison with other countries in the Asia Pacific region, literacy in China is relatively high. China’s literacy rate has increased from 66 .

rows · The global literacy rate for all people aged 15 and above is %. The global literacy . Adult literacy in China Published by C. Textor, May 26, The statistic shows the degree of adult literacy in China from to In , the literacy rate, which is defined as.

Literacy rate, adult total (% of people ages 15 and above) from The World Bank: Data Learn how the World Bank Group is helping countries with COVID (coronavirus). Find Out. By , adult illiteracy rate in China dropped to only %. Elementary school and junior secondary school enrollment jumped to % and % respectively. [ 60 Years of Educational Reform and Development] Today, Chinese youth ( years) have a 99% literacy rate.

Dec 09,  · As of , China’s literacy rate was just over 95%. 2. This is an impressive improvement for a country which, as recently as , had a literacy rate of just 78%. 3. rows · The literacy rate for all males and females that are at least 15 years old is %. Males .

26 rows · Literacy Rate Adult literacy rate is the percentage of people ages 15 and above who can both read and write with understanding a short simple statement about their everyday life. China literacy rate for was %, a % increase from China literacy rate for was %, a % increase from China Adult Literacy Rate is at %, compared to last year. This is higher than the long term average of %.