Grosse charte - adult iv infusion chart


adult iv infusion chart - Grosse charte

Bolus: May give 2mg/kg IV over 1 minute with each infusion increase mcg/kg/min Titrate by 5mcg/kg/min every 30 minutes until ordered sedation or max ordered dose achieved LABETOLOL20mg/20mL (1mg/mL) mg/50mL (2mg/mL). Adult Critical Care IV Medication Infusion Sheet Lidocaine 4 mg/mL mg/mL D5W Premix / NS mg/min 5 mg/min 16 mg/mL4 C or P Lorazepam mg/mL 24mg/mL D5W/NS mg /hr 8 mg/hr 1 mg/mL1,3 C or P Midazolam 1 mg/mL 50mg/50mL mg/mLFile Size: KB.

SJH/SJE CRITICAL CARE INTRAVENOUS MEDICATIONS CHART DRUG NAME ONSET CONCENTRATION DOSING INSTRUCTIONS DRUG CLASS HOW TO TITRATE Amiodarone Non-specific mg/ mL D5W only Can NOT mix in NS Common dose: 1 mg/min for 6 hrs, then mg/min infusion Antiarrhythmic (Non-titratable) Initiate at 1 mg/min x 6 hours, then mg/min infusion File Size: 72KB. This document includes the release of the first set of standards, Phase I of the IV project: adult continuous IV medications. Purpose. The primary focus of this document is to provide evidence-based and clinical experienced guidance on optimal concentrations of IV continuous infusions for both adult (>50 kg) and pediatric .

mg Rapid infusion over 10 minutes 15mg/minute, may repeat q10 minutes as needed Stable in D5W, NS Incompatible with heparin Maximum cumulative dose g over 24 hours Ativan (lorazepam) mg/kg Max dose 4mg Dilute with NS Max rate 2mg/minute Stable in D5W, LR, NS Monitor IV site avoid extravasation Atropine.