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Adult/Title IX Diversion Individuals with first-time, misdemeanor criminal offenses in the Tempe Municipal Court may be offered an option to complete a six- to nine-month diversion program. The Adult Felony Diversion Program started as a small pilot program in , and has grown to a program serving about adult felony offenders annually. Adult Diversion accepts first-time, non-violent felony offenders who express sincere remorse for their offense.

Adult Diversion Pre-trial Adult Diversion Programs, authorized by Sec. , C.R.S., provide a path out of the traditional criminal court processes of plea, trial, conviction and sentencing. Diversion holds people accountable for their actions and for repairing harm to victims of crime. Diversion programs can last from six months to a year or more. These programs emphasize counseling, treatment, and behavior modification over punitive measures.

The Adult Diversion Program diverts some first-time non-violent felony and misdemeanor offenders from the normal course of prosecution. Referrals are initiated by the Prosecuting Attorney and then screened and monitored by diversion counselors. The Pre-Trial Adult Diversion Program is a voluntary alternative to criminal prosecution for first-time offenders accused of misdemeanors or nonviolent felony crimes. Participants undergo counseling and other activities in the program. Charges can be dismissed or refused if the participant successfully completes the program.

Jan 25,  · Updated January 25, What is Colorado’s adult diversion program? Adult diversion is a voluntary alternative to a criminal trial. It is a type of Colorado plea bargain that does not require you to plead guilty to any charges. Instead, it allows eligible people accused of a crime to participate in treatment and make restitution in exchange Author: Jordan T. Pre-trial Intervention Programs are primarily designed for first-time adult offenders who meet specific criteria. Participants sign a deferred prosecution agreement with specified requirements. Requirements could include completing community service hours, paying restitution, and/or participating in counseling.

Adult diversion programs refer these offenders to social services, chemical dependency or mental health resources. First-time offenders are closely monitored to make sure they meet program expectations.