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Jun 12,  · Psychologist Daniel Levinson developed a comprehensive theory of adult development, referred to as the Seasons of Life theory, which identified stages and growth that occur well into the adult. Young Adulthood Physical Development –Physical strength typically peaks in early adulthood (the 20’s and 30’s) – Although physical changes are minimal during this phase, the weight and muscle mass change as a result of diet, exercise,pregnancy and lactation.

Erick Erickson’s (, ) theory of psychosocial development, in which he argues that development is primarily a result of social interactions, has three stages that occur during adult development (intimacy vs. isolation, generativity vs. stagnation, . Discussion: Development. Adulthood and aging, including changes in the body, in perception, and in cognition; and social and emotional development across the lifespan Read more» Further Study. These optional resources are provided for students that wish to .

Development in Early & Middle Adulthood Adulthood has no signpost to announce its onset (as adolescence is announced by puberty). In technologically advanced nations, the life span is more than 70 years. Developmental psychologists usually consider early adulthood to cover approximately age 20 to age 40 and middle adulthood approximately 40 to Physical Development in Adulthood As individuals move through early and middle adulthood, a variety of physical changes take place in the body.

The Adult Developmental Clinic opened in to provide comprehensive, multi-specialty support for teens and adults who experience developmental disabilities. Moving from pediatric to adult care can be challenging for teens, as well as their families. Adult development is change, a progression from simple to complex behavior, from a less differentiated state to a more differentiated state (Mirriam. ). Consequently, adult developmental theory often deals with 'stages and phases.

Harvard Study of Adult Development. CBS This Morning. Study director, Dr. Robert Waldinger, was recently featured on CBS's "This Morning" TED Talk. Our director Dr. Robert Waldinger recently gave a TED Talk in Boston about lessons from the first generation Study of Adult Development. Check it out!