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To him adult education was remedial, for adults who somehow missed getting a Christian education when they were younger. This is not an uncommon view. It arises, in part, from the common attitude. Education for Ministry (EFM) EFM is an adult, Christian, distance learning education program of the School of Theology of the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. The four year program is a dynamic blend of Bible study, church history, theology, worship, prayer and theological reflection.

Adult Christian Education On Sunday morning at a.m. five different adult Christian Education classes meet in classrooms and fellowship hall. Each class has a slightly different focus. For information on each class you can review the thumbnails below and then go the the web page for the specific class. May 19,  · Our May Church Leaders Roundtable focused on adult faith formation. Some of the conversation centered around education topics and curriculum. Here are the resources roundtable participants shared. While there are many excellent resources available for children’s curriculum, it can be difficult to find resources for adult education.

The mission statement indicates the “TO DO” planned activities that will contribute to us reaching our vision. Therefore, the Mission for the Christian Education Department is: To teach God’s Word; To train and equip God’s people for service; To guide our children, youth and adults in a spiritual formation process relevant to their need. Adult Sunday Morning Christian Education. The Bible Project. Join us this fall with an interactive journey to connect us with fellow parishioners and dig deeper into God’s Word. We will be using Bible Project to lead us in our study. As the people of Christ Church, we will read the entire New Testament over the course of two fall semesters.

Adult Christian Education Christian Education For Adults There are several ways to enrich your understanding of the Bible, of Christian outreach, and your Christian faith. Any philosophy of adult Christian education needs to start with the presupposition that the people it serves live by the assumption that the rules apply to them. Ihave always appreciated Ernest Ligon's simple two-.

Christian Education Requires a Christian Philosophy, Curriculum, and Methodology Education is comprised of three basic components: philosophy, curriculum, and methodology. Likewise, each and every subject that is studied has a unique philosophy (presuppositional truths), curriculum (content) and methodology (application). Sacred Grounds Adult Christian Education Discussion Group Sacred Grounds is BACK! They are meeting at am via Zoom! Please be on time if you are interested in joining in! The first meeting will be Sunday, September 20th, This group combines bible discussion with current events and occasionally reads books together.