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We often have or know of ADULT Bulldogs AVAILABLE! () or email @ [email protected] UPDATED: 10/16/ "BARRY" Dark Chocolate TRI MALE English Bulldog- Carries blue (bbDdatat) DOB: June 26, A bull is an intact (i.e., not castrated) adult male of the species Bos muscular and aggressive than the females of the same species, the cows, bulls have long been an important symbol in many cultures, and play a significant role in beef ranching, dairy farming, and a variety of other cultural activities, including bull fighting and bull riding.

Bulldogs Parents. My bulldog Moms are my 5th & 6th generation I've raised here at BJ's Farm. The dads have been purchased from reputable breeders from across the globe. Enjoy the pictures and info and see if a Bulldog puppy is the right choice for you. English Bulldogs make wonderful pets! They are very laid back and don't need much exercise or. American Bulldogs are a well-balanced athletic dog that demonstrate great strength, endurance, agility, and a friendly attitude. Historically, they were bred to be a utility dog used for working.

Adult English & French Bulldog Sires and Dams Get a Beautiful and Healthy English & French Bulldog puppy from our liter of Adult English & French Bulldogs Sires and Damns from Huskerland Bulldogs. You will have a puppy you will be proud to . Castrating adult bulls can be done, but it's difficult to impossible when you don't have working facilities. I value my ability to work too much to risk it on the situation you described, so I would personally have only attempted the castration if I brought my own portable chute along.

An adult Bulldog can weigh around 50 lbs or more. Average weight for a female should be around 40lbs, with males weighing closer to 50lbs. Being overweight is very bad for your dog, and you should keep your Bulldog slim with a tucked in tummy. Adult Bulldogs We have Every Color. I know they're cute as puppies, however. Our Studs. Fully Suited Lilac Tri Stud "Merlin aka Triple Crown" Lilac Tri Merle Stud "Money" Chocolate Tri Quad Razor Bullies 50 Shades of Blue Chocolate "Fudge" Blue Tri Merle "Mojo" The Fifth Element.

When all of your questions have been answered and you are % sure you want to adopt an adult Bulldog from D and D Bulldogs, we ask that you submit the adult Bulldog application (found at the end of this page). Breeders of Champion English bulldogs, french bulldogs and Miniature English Bulldogs. Hand raised Miniature English Bulldog puppies for sale to approved homes at times. French bulldog puppies for sale to loving homes. We are top blue bulldog breeders! Breeding only the very best blue english bulldogs & frenchie puppies. We have bulldogs in blue tri, black tri bulldogs & blue french bulldogs.